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Black BMW X3 Hood & Fender Paint Restoration” – More On This Project Inside…

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Our automotive paint chip, scuff and scratch repair process is designed to please.

You’ve got a lot of money invested in where you live, what you do, what you like, and what you drive. And in the case of what you drive, your baby’s got a boo-boo.


• A delinquent shopping cart found its way to and through the paint on a door

• Or a sneaky concrete curb jumped up when you weren’t looking and tore through the paint on a fender or bumper

• Or something that never should have been that close to your car’s paint in the first place got past your best efforts at protecting it

• And then there’s those pesky little chips that have appeared on the front of your car’s hood that are hard to ignore and impossible to imagine spending body-shop prices to fix


Whatever’s happened, your chariot’s appearance is far below the impression you’d like to continue making.

It’s not looking as fresh and fit as it used to.


What can we do for you?

Our automotive paint chip, scuff and scratch repair process is designed to please.


On Site


Wet-sanding and compounding where necessary (we’ll advise our recommendation)


Completed at a time that’s convenient for you.

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If it’s time for some professional TLC that won’t require you to part with your car for a week, or rob a bank to pay for fixing it, click below to get yourself a quote.

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    BMW wanted almost 10X what we paid Dave to refinish the hood of our car.  I think he made a video.  You be the judge!”

    – Lada, Markham


    Absolutely Exceptional!

    I wanted the small area towards the back bumper fixed and when the job was done we had to be shown where it used to be.

    – Jerry, Richmond Hill


    Dad has a Lexus and it got scraped in a parking lot.  The repair to the door was completed in our driveway and it’s completely invisible.  It’s insane.  We thought we’d have to pay a body shop to have it repaired

    – James, Stouffville


    We were ready to pay for the premium approach, but Dave talked us into trying the least expensive approach first, and it was great.  That kind of integrity is hard to find these days.  Thanks a lot

    – Sunjay, Markham


    After my SUV was repaired, I arranged a little clinic the next weekend for a bunch of my friends, and we all saved money.  It was a fun afternoon and everyone went home happy.  I told Dave he made me look like a hero.”

    – Chan, Aurora


    My wife bumped into shelving inside our garage and she made me responsible for fixing it – I told her I got it done at a Body Shop and then spent what I saved on a weekend in Toronto.  Later I told her the truth and she asked me if I wanted her to scrape it again…

    – Stanley, Newmarket


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